One Handed Fox – 199/365

Another little outing this evening to the woods, with both Livvy and Izzy. No plan as such, just a nice walk and hope we’d see something nice to take a photograph of.

What was really interesting today was that Livvy was keen to stay on the path, where as Izzy was taking off down every little gap she could find, to venture off into the undergrowth, down slopes across streams through the trees and just generally as far off the beaten path as she could.

It’s pretty clear which one has been on more little adventures with me, one of my girls as a full on explorer at the tender age of three and a half!

She was insistent that I couldn’t help her scramble up and down the slopes or through the brambles either, she had to do it herself; and she did.

It was hilarious watching Livvy’s face, shocked at how adventurous Izzy was being. She couldn’t quite believe what she was seeing her baby sister get up-to.

Livvy squealed at the sight of a bramble, Izzy jumped into them…….. bless them, they are so very wonderfully different.

Still, Livvy wasn’t to be outdone, and when we got to the biggest slope of them all, she handed me her dolly and hurtled off down it at a blistering pace!

We had a really lovely walk, only 30minutes or so, but on such a nice evening, with not another soul in sight it was nice to just see the girls running and playing, each with their favourite teddy’s/dolls under their arms.

Photography wise, I spotted a single fox glove off the track, stood in an area of woodland with slightly lower undergrowth than its surroundings.

It looked for all the world like it could have been placed there specifically, it looked so perfect.

It stood proud and tall, in its own clearing, with a flood lit background glowing with the evenings sun rays. It looked magical, so I took my photograph.

Learnings – I’ve learnt a lot of late about lighting, and it stems back to our trip to Blackpool. That was the first time I really had too much light for it to be ideal; and highlights were very easy to get blown out.

This evening the sun was still holding a lot of power, even around 7pm, and again highlights were easy to get blown out.

Extremely unusually for me, because I really enjoy summer, a part of me is looking forward to autumn and winter, to see how the light is in those months.

Secretly, I have never been wishing for snow in winter, as much as I have been the last two weeks or so…….

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