Watching the Water – 215/365

Well, both Livvy and Izzy have been asking for a long time to go fishing overnight with me, and they have been super patient, waiting for the day to come.

Today, the stars aligned and we made plans, all of us would be spending the night on the bank of a lake together, in the great out doors.

Holly, Livvy, Izzy and I, along with good friend of ours Barry, made our way to Rosemary Wood, for a fishing trip.

It’s a lake that is quite exposed to the elements, and can often be battered by high winds and cold temperatures, today however the weather looked warm and settled, and so perfect for us to take the girls out overnight.

At this point, Barry has had a load of fish, about 46 at the last count! And indeed Holly, Livvy, Izzy and myself, have all had fish!

However, they have mostly been small carp so far, and so as we settle down for our food and head into the night, we have changed our tactics and have set our sights on something bigger.

Let’s see what the night brings………..

Learnings – well, I’m just enjoying the time, to be honest! Both the photographs here were taken on my phone, given there is no internet connection for my camera to upload the pics too. That said, I do have some cracking photographs of the girls with fish they have caught today, which I will share when I’m back in civilisation.

EDIT – here is one photograph Barry took, of me and Izzy with one of her fish.

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