I’m Not Done Yet – 218/365

After a late finish in work, I decided to pay a visit to another location on the way home, that looked like it might give me “that church view” I’ve been chasing.

It’s a tiny little bridge that runs over the motorway, and whilst I knew it was too far west to be ideal, I did wonder if I might just get the chance of a different angle on it.

The evening sun was radiant too, so the lighting was really nice, if I could get a good view from the little bridge.

I dropped my pin on the spot on my sat nav, and off I went. When I arrived, the road to the bridge had a sign saying “not suitable for motor vehicles”, which frankly is right up my street! So I parked up and headed off on foot.

Anyway, the view wasn’t the one, it’s too low down and, definitely too far west of the ideal location. However, the setting sun did look cool cast across a field of maize along the way. There is always something you know, no matter where or when, to take a photograph of, and I took today’s image there and then.

Still, it’s another potential location off the list of possibilities, and this time I didn’t even have to do anything too risky to check it out!

By now, I have been on every single bridge, vantage point, alley way, farm track and observation spot possible around the area to try and get the view. None have quite planned out how I wanted.

That said, I have one final thing I want to try. It won’t be easy, I’ll need help, and it will certainly be a new one on me, but hey, if I don’t give it a go I’ll never know and I’ll never capture “that view” which has become somewhat of a mission.

I’m not done yet………

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