Painted Pebble Hunters – 217/365

Monday night is Zumba night! Not for me, so you can pick your jaw up off the floor now……. for Holly.

So, after they’d finished their dinner, I asked the girls if they wanted to go for a little walk, they both jumped off their chairs and said “yeah”.

I gave them free choice of where we should go, and Livvy suggested we go to Phoenix Park, a local town Park with a playground, lake, skate park, climbing rocks, all sorts really.

Whilst there, I noticed a painted pebble, loosely hidden behind a lamp post. I pointed it out to Livvy, and suggested we look for some more.

Well, the girls wanted a play on the park first, so I let them get on with that whilst I made my way onto the cafe roof, to try and capture an image of the setting sun over the play ground.

Before you think I’ve gone a little too wild, you can go onto the roof, the cafe is half buried into a grass covered hill, with a viewing platform on top.

The girls soon joined me up on top of the roof, and they spotted some painted pebbles that were in plain sight, but out of reach but for all of the tiniest of hands – Izzy size hands!

Although I knew she could get the pebbles, with a bit of stretching and squeezing, I didn’t think she’d be able to get her hand back out, clutching the pebble; and so I readied myself to help her out.

I need not have worried, she instantly worked it out, and gently poked the pebble up through the next gap in the fence, and grabbed it with her other hand.

It was a simple, but very proud moment to see her little brain working so beautifully!

In all, the girls found seven painted pebbles, all different colours and some with patterns and little painted scenes on them, such a cool thing.

I’m not fully up-to speed with what your supposed to do with painted pebbles, I just know that they get dotted about the land for people to find, and so I asked the girls to hide them again for other children to find and enjoy.

So we rounded our little trip off with the girls hiding the pebbles again, all over the place; my favourite spot was Izzy putting one in a shallow hole in a tree, bless her.

Learnings – I didn’t have a plan for my photography today, I just let the girls lead the way, but once Livvy had picked the park, I thought I might get a landscape shot because I haven’t done one for a little while.

However, it was too tempting to get the 50mm back out, and try and capture some of the fun the girls were having.

I like the shot of the park, and the setting sun, I guess that’s kind of a landscape, but these two always steal my heart!

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