Join The Herd – 220/365

I’m not sure why, but I’ve held a desire to photograph some cows for some time now, and with us heading over to Hollys parents this evening, I thought I might get my chance; as there are often cows in the field at the back of their garden.

Unfortunately, the cows were not in the field at the back of the house, they were nowhere to be seen! So, I settled down with everyone else to enjoy our alfresco Chinese meal.

After dinner, I asked Izzy if she’d take me for a walk, where her granddad takes her walking, to see if we could find the cows. She agreed, and we set off.

Genuinely, I didn’t know the way, so Izzy led me. We went to the top of the farm yard, and then turned left through a big old gate.

“Are you sure this is the way?” I asked Izzy, “yes daddy, the cows will be here, let’s go” she confidently replied.

Sure enough, once we’d crossed another farm yard and gone round the big shed, there were the cows at the far side of the back field.

“Hmmm, they’re over there”, Izzy told me, “but they’re far away!”. I told her not to worry, and if we stayed there, nice and quiet they would spot us, and being inquisitive they would come over to see us.

Sure enough, they slowly made their way over to us. They always seem so timid and friendly cows, don’t they? They come right upto you, steam rolling off their sides and saliva running down their jowls, they have a cool way about them all of their own!

I think they’re amazing creatures anyway, but then I think all creatures are amazing!

I did feel a little bitter sweet today though, as even though these magnificent animals are “hobby” cattle, so not really traditional farm stock so to speak, it did make me think about the fate they may meet, one day. Especially when the younger of the herd peered at us through the barbed wire lined fence.

Learnings – strangely, I thought cattle would be nice and easy to photograph, after all they don’t move quickly, most of the time. However they are quite timid, and any sudden move causes them to startle. Izzy running about caused a stir amongst the cows a couple of times, but only a couple.

Aside from that, even when they were pretty chilled they’re not as stationary as you might think, not when your trying to capture sharp images with a wide open 50mm lens anyway!

All in all though, a lovely little experience with Izzy showing me the cows, she’s so confident too and fed them clumps of grass which they looked to really enjoy.

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