Blue Rain – 221/365

After “one of those weeks”, I was looking forward to a night on the bank fishing tonight. The weather looked good for it, fishing that is, and I felt confident.

However, just as I got into my car to drive off from work, I realised I hadn’t charged my power pack! Now normally it isn’t a problem, it lasts about four weeks between charges, but I remembered that last weekend when we were all out overnight fishing, we’d totally drained my power pack.

Whilst it lasts a long time between charges, it also takes a good full day to charge it back up. I was kicking myself, I’d got everything else prepared but neglected my power.

So, driving home I decided to have a night in, and watch a film as the girls are all out tonight. Obviously I was intending to grab a nice evening shot next to the waters edge, for today’s photograph. With fishing now off the cards, I needed a plan B.

It was raining hard, so I wasn’t going to go far, I thought, and decided to have another go at photographing some birds in the back garden.

However, I think the rain must have put them off, because even some nicely crumbled bread spread around the lawn didn’t tempt even a single sparrow! I needed a plan C.

I decided to embrace the rain, and try and capture an image of a water droplet on a leaf, ideally glinting in the sunlight. Even that proved challenging though, as the wind was as equally strong as the rain.

I wasn’t to be deterred though, and eventually I tuned my camera settings and waited for the briefest moment in the wind, and framed some shots with a nice bit of bokeh in the background from the sunlight peering through the leaves and branches.

I switched between my 50mm and my 18-55mm lenses, and captured the images. I’m pleased with the result, third times a charm I guess!

Learnings – I switched between my 50 and 18-55mm lenses today, as the 50 gets the nicest bokeh, where as I can get that much closer in with my 18-55. It just has a closer minimum focus distance, where as the prime 50 struggles a little at very close range, but again gives the creamiest backgrounds.

I’m pleased with the photographs today, they’re just berries in the rain, but the interesting backgrounds make them, I think, set against the rain drop focus points.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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