The Cove – 239/365

Well, would you believe we woke to rain this morning! Our first full day here and it’s raining. Still, it it gets it out of the way now, then that’s all gravy!

Anyway, it wasn’t raining too hard, so we still went off out and about, but we gave the pool a miss until later.

We first went to look at the kids club, to see if the girls would like it. They did, but they didn’t want to stay, they wanted to come exploring with us, and really they both wanted to go swimming again!! They’re both little mermaids, I’m sure of it.

So, we went off for a little walk, and headed towards a cove I’d see on google earth, which looked really interesting.

We did a little bit of lizard spotting on the way, but with it being overcast we didnt see any. However, when we rounded the final bend towards the cove, this sight smacked us all across the face!!

How amazing is that for a view! I’ve kept the edit as minimal as possible, so you can see the true colours of the water.

It genuinely took all our breath away, and I picked my way across some rocks covered in goat poop, to get a better angle, before we headed down for a closer look.

With the rain still drizzling, we headed back to the hotel, and a dip in the pool, however we will be back at the cove again, to do some snorkelling and, there’s a Regge night on in a couple of days, so we’ll definitely be down for that!

Again, all iPhone shots today, and it’s interesting to just focus almost 100% on composition, and only a small amount on settings, given the iPhone is pretty much a fully automatic camera. You can lock focus, adjust the exposure and stuff like that, but generally the phone does a decent job on its own, especially for photos like these where it’s all about the moment.

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