Deep Blue – 240/365

I was tempted to jump in, but I was on my own at this point, and didn’t fancy climbing back up the rocks to get my stuff!

We went a little further afield this morning, to have a look at the main beach in the area. It’s stunning, but as you’d expect very busy.

We had some fun and games snorkelling, but the sea was a bit too powerful for the girls, so sunbathing and building sandcastles was more their thing.

I went a little further with the snorkelling, and the water is lovely and clear. A few too many people about to see much marine life though, so I think I’ll have another go when we find somewhere a little more secluded.

Lunch done, it’s now time to go party by the pool in the sunshine.

Learnings – it’s really unusual taking photographs on holiday, compared to my normal little adventures out and about. I’m trying not to take the obvious “holiday snaps” for my 365 challenge, though of course I have taken some for the family to remember the trip by.

I am going to try and get a cool sunset shot tonight with my camera, and, if I get up early enough I’ll try and get a sunrise shot for tomorrow’s post. I can’t promise though, my three girls are party animals and we are making the most of the evenings!

10 thoughts on “Deep Blue – 240/365

      1. “Regret is my biggest fear” : i like this, Gav !

        Ps : Do you “suspect” that we only live once ? In one short phrase you included almost everything, Gav, about the mysteries of life !

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      2. The thing is, being 100% honest I do not know if we live once, twice, or an infinite number of times; however, one thing I do know is however many lives I have I want to make the most of them all, so I’ll assume I have one and just go for it! 😄🙌🏻

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