Ocean Ray – 241/365

I set my alarm for 6:24am this morning, so I could go and see the sunrise, and hopefully photograph it. I woke two minutes before my alarm went off, funny how that seems to happen a lot isn’t it?

Anyway, I jumped out of bed and set off, down the track heading for the coast. Loads of bats kept me company on the way, I’m not sure what type but they certainly looked different to the ones I’ve seen in the UK.

When I arrived at the coast line, the sun was just starting to burn through the cloud on the horizon, giving the edges of the clouds that stunning warm red glow.

It already looked amazing!

Composition of a sunrise from the coast line was interesting, because I wanted some of the cliffs in, and not just the sunrise and loads of water.

So I found a spot that gave me a good view of some cliffs, the water and of course positioned so that the sunrise would light everything up.

As the sun climbed higher and higher, I could see it moving, frighteningly fast if I’m honest. It kicked out a glorious beam of glowing light right across the water, and it looked even more magical than I’d hoped.

I’d got my shots, on my iPhone and with my camera, and was about to head back when a boat rounded the corner. So I waited a while longer, to use that in my composition too.

How nice it must be to sail these islands at sunrise, that must be something close to heaven!

Have a great day, the sun is shining!

Learnings – the sunrise is amazing, and that “golden hour” of awesome light is genuinely magical for photography. You hear and read so much about it, but it’s not just talk, it is incredible. It’s low, it’s powerful, it’s full of contrast and full of colour.

This morning also pushed me on composition, and I spent a good while walking the cliff edges to find something that worked for me. The ocean is beautiful, but in a photograph I do feel it can just look like a big slab of water, sometimes.

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