Underwater Love – 242/365

What an adventure! Today we took a catamaran ride out on the ocean. It was amazing! We cruised around the coast, and stopped off twice for a swim.

The coastline is amazing, full of caves and interesting rocks, and of course the lovely clear water is full of marine life.

We stopped off at two coast line villages too, I can’t remember the names, but they were stunning locations. The boats, the views and the people enjoying the sea life was magical. Tiny little coves with just a bar, and a few boats moored up were just a dream. Life on the ocean wave indeed!

We slid down the slides on the back of the boat, and I jumped off the side higher up. The water was clear, warm and salty as you like. It felt great, really great.

The girls loved it too, they were amazed by the coastal scenery, and all the fish they saw. It was great to see them confidently jumping into the sea for a swim.

Ok, so I didn’t take today’s main photograph, Holly did, but I swam round the boat to the underwater viewing windows to swim with the fish Izzy was looking at, and so Holly could take the shot. It’s a cool image though hey, and I was part of it, so for me it counts!

I have of course taken loads of photographs today, with my iPhone and with my camera. This scene below really caught my eye, as we strolled back from the boat.

Several, I assume stray, cats sun bathing on a park bench, like a street gang watching their patch. They looked and acted like they owned the place. Cool dudes!

Last night the Regge band was amazing, and the music was accompanied by a fire eater. All whilst sat at a classic beach hut bar, with the background of the waves lapping the shore line. It really was a special evening, and a great way to celebrate our tenth wedding anniversary! It also gave me a chance to try some night time photography, and being in the cove the light pollution was minimal, so I got some really unusual and interesting shots.

Learnings – today, I took loads of photographs, and the bright light really helped with taking shots from a fast moving boat, as it meant I could use a really fast shutter speed, at all aperture settings.

I think I learnt more last night, to be honest, while using my f1.8 50mm lens, setting it at its widest and using some high ISO settings in the low light situation. I got some awesome shots though, and I’ll share them when I get the images off the memory card……

5 thoughts on “Underwater Love – 242/365

      1. Thank you! I thought the cats was a cool moment, they were like little feline gangsters! If only they wore hats, that would have been amazing….. 🤣

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