False Storm – 243/365

We decided to spend most of today on the beach; the weather looked good for it, and so far we’ve only spent a couple of hours at a time on the beach.

It was a good decision, though a storm threatened a few times, giving huge rumbles of thunder in the distance. For all the “shouting” the storm never hit, and it was glorious sunshine throughout the entire day.

It did, however, look awesome thrashing about in the sky in the distance, and I decided to capture an image of it for today’s photograph.

We spent the day mostly swimming in the sea with the fishes, and the girls loved the new world snorkelling opened up to them. We saw all manner of fish, and loads of them, it’s magical to peek into their world for a moment.

When the girls were having a sunbath, I wandered off up a hill nearby to capture today’s image, and as busy as the popular beach is, it didn’t take long to get lost in the sun bleached landscape, and find a little solitude.

Well, I say solitude, one seagull it seemed also wanted to get a closer look at the storm too.

Awesome day, and we’re going to round it off at the bar now. Have a great weekend everyone!

Learnings – wandering off is something I often do to find a photograph. It’s a bit like when you go for a drive, and just “follow your nose” in a direction that takes your fancy. I find my eyes just take me places, and it always ends up in me seeing something.

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