Spanish Sunset – 244/365

The sun is setting on our most recent Spanish adventure.

It’s been amazing, the girls have loved it; they’ve been crazy, they’ve been happy, they’ve been cultural, they’ve been care free. Isn’t that just the way children should be? Yes, yes it is!

Anyway, I’ve noticed this spot on the way back from the beach a couple of times, and thought it would make a nice sunset shot. So tonight, on our last night, I went for a closer look.

I climbed some rocks, as is often the way with me, to get the best perspective.

It was a little precarious, but getting the shot is what matters, right?

It’s been such a good adventure, here in Spain. The culture is delicious, the scenery is scorching, and the vibe is cool. It’s a great place to unwind.

Catch you on the other side, I’m going to sign off and revel in the last night of Spanish culture, until next time…..,

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