It Always Looks Worse – 246/365

Metaphorically speaking, things almost always look worse than they are. When you can’t see over the hill, it looks stromy, moody, like its going to be a cold, wet and miserable place to be.

However, more often than not that couldn’t be further from the truth, and actually the other side of the hill is a pretty cool place to be. Sometimes hesitation at these life junctions can cost you.


First day back in work today for me, after two and a bit weeks off, spent on all sorts of adventures with my family. So, its back to earth with a bump, and some philosophical reflection on the drive home.

I had no idea what to photograph, but, good old Helsby Hill looked great in a thin beam of light, as I drove past. I spun the car round and deliberated over several spots to take a photogrpah of it from. Each time I stopped, it didn’t quite look right, and I huffed and puffed and moved on.

This faffing about took too long, and by the time I’d found the spot, the light had totally changed and rather than the beaming light splitting the heavy cloud cover, it was now a dense shroud of moodyness.

Still cool, I love the drama, but no question I’d missed the moment.


Learnings – I let work fill my head with work stuff today, and whilst that is not surprising, perhaps, given its my first day back in after a good stint away, I should have left it in the office and taken advantage of my “down time” this evening to recover ready for tomorrow.

Change is good, and it should always be embraced, welcomed. Opportunity should be grabbed the moment its presented, I am a firm beleiver in that; but today I didnt follow my own mantra, and it bit me on the bum!

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