Rolling Seasons – 247/365

Driving home from work tonight, it felt like the seasons were changing, like autumn has begun. Technically, its not autumn until the 23rd of September, but I don’t think the seasons follow the “rules” anymore.

Surprise surprise, I had no plan for a photograph tonight, so I just headed off down some lanes as I neared home. I was keen to get back after another slog of a day, and so didn’t want to be far from home.


As I made my way down the lanes, the rain and wind started to lash the car, and glancing right some trees looked really moody across a field, right on the edge of the falling curtain of rain. I pulled into the nearest gap in the hedge, sticking my car’s nose into the field so it was off the road, and took some shots.


I like the shots above, especially the second one, however they didn’t quite capture the mood I was after. So, I jumped back in the car and back tracked to where I’d first seen the view through the hedge. The rain had stopped by now, but the moody vibe was still in the air, and the hedge line helps draw the scene, I think.


This is the view I eventially settled on, with the hedge line stretching off at an unusual angle, and the indication of another hedge row off to the left noted by the tall tree. The sky wasnt quite as wild as I’d have liked, but I like the layers and the detail from front to back.

What I was trying to do was illustrate the changing seasons in one photograph, and I think the newly harvested field, and the autumnal background of trees and sky, kind of portrays that.

I’m excited to be moving into autumn, as much as I do love the warmth of summer. Brown and golden tones are my thing, and autumn is filled with them!

Learnings – rather than jump out of the car and grab a quick handheld shot, I made the effort today to study the composition, get the tripod out and really steady the camera, even though I had shutter speeds at 1/125 at ISO400. I think that little extra effort paid off, and the detail and sharpness in todays shot compared to yesterdays, is evident.

6 thoughts on “Rolling Seasons – 247/365

      1. Thank you, your kind words really are appreciated!! I always try and stick to what I feel is right in my photography, for my “style”, if you know what I mean. And so, it is awesome when someone else acknowledges that they appreciate it too! 😄🤗📸


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