The Last Flower? – 248/365

I havent taken a photograph of a flower for a little while, mainly becasue I’ve been spoilt with amazing views, landscapes and beaches, so tonight I thought I’d grab an image of a flower.


Funny thing though, when I went out to the back garden, most of the flowers were finishing their bloom. The plant life is certainly preparing for the coming colder months.


The roses were a no go, looking a little tired and weary in the last throws of being a beautiful flower, before hybernation. I did however find this little plant, whose stem twists and turns giving an intereting shape, and it was proudly displaying its flower, maybe one of the last this year.


It was bright red and looked like it was puffing its chest out, determined to flower for as long as it could! In doing so, it saved my bacon, thank you little flower!!

On another note, take a look at this magazine clipping my mum sent me a photograph of today; sounds cool, I might give it a go!

Learnings – I used my 18-55mm lens today, along with my tripod to capture the detail in the flower. It worked out just how I expected, and wanted it to. However, on looking back at the images, the nifty fifty might have been a better choice, to get even more soft focus on the background.

I actually spent a decent amount of time working on the composition of this little intimate scene; to capture the flower, the twisting stem and the strong and defiant leaves. The article my mum sent me is so right, this little flower, on this mini adventure, brightened my day up no end, and I really hope the photos give you some enjoyment too when you look at them.

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