100,000 Lights – 249/365

I was late finishing work tonight, and by the time I arrived home it was already pitch black. I know the nights are drawing in, but it is startling at the rate the days are shortening!

Anyway, it was really cool, because it was one of those days that really forces you to find something to photograph, which is, essentially the main learning in all of this. It’s training for your eyes.

A fist thought was the sky, it was moody as I left work, but I didn’t just want to take a photo of the sky, so I drove on.

Halfway home I thought about past photographs, and the images I’ve taken of the street lamps. Nice images and fond memories of past adventures, but tonight I wanted to try something different; again the nights are drawing in and there would be plenty of time later in the year for nostalgic lamp post photographs!

I did, however see a lamp post almost covered in tree branches just before I arrived home, which looked interesting. I went for a look but I couldn’t quite get an angle on it to capture the effect I wanted. One for the memory bank there, a photograph for another day for sure.

Eventually as I walked a little further past the lamp post in the tree, I was nearing a bridge that goes over the motorway, and I had the thought of using the night to my advantage and taking a long exposure of the car lights whizzing past.

Plan hatched, tripod up, and I dialled the settings in I wanted. At first I set my 50mm lens to its widest f/1.8 aperture, to grab as much light as possible, but in the end I chose f/5, to give me a couple of extra seconds of exposure.

Final settings were: 50mm – f/5 – ISO100 – 4 second exposure, and I’m happy with the result. A nice sweeping curve of lights, twisting off into the distance.

The main shot above, I like best, but in Lightroom I also adjusted the shadows and blacks a bit, to see how it looked with more visible detail, which you can see below. However, I like the simple flat black background, with the lights streaking across much better.


Learnings – A real “365” learning today, a real push to find something my hungry eyes thought was interesting. Sounds stressful doesn’t it, but it really wasn’t, I loved every minute!

Also, I keep forgetting to mention, but along with all the photographs I’ve taken, and shared in the blog, on this adventure, I have also just gone past 100k words! Well, 102,750 words to be precise, plus however many you’ve just read.

Thank you to everyone who’s supported me so far, passed generous comment to me or just simply enjoyed my photographs without saying a word. It really does help, and it’s so nice to be sharing the adventure with you.

Have a great weekend 🤗

10 thoughts on “100,000 Lights – 249/365

      1. Haha… yes ! I exported the content, and i only installed the Akismet (a harmless plugin). Then, the jetpack’s exrta function which is the backup function was activated. Then, I went to the activity log and i downloaded two backups (approximately 4 Gig for each one, and 20 min to half an hour for the download). I lost the follow button as expected, but it’s ok for the moment, and some things repeated themselves. Anyway, i’m giving you a report, just to get an idea … haha …

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      2. Wow, some of these plugins give strange problems, hey! I’ve seen a few sites without follow buttons, which can be frustrating when I like the content they publish, but can’t follow 😳

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      3. You’ re absolutely right. I will try to figure out some things which are very important. Without experiments is gonna be impossible. Additionally, i’m writing an wp guide, and this is why i’m testing different things and platforms. And i’m gonna make things simple for the new wp user.

        What is really frustrating is that these issues, and problems, come to the surface when you upgrade to the business plan !
        However, i’m gonna make things easier, in order for the people to sell books, things and stuff, even without having to upgrade to the business plan.

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      4. Yes, that would be amazing!! I’m quite good with “tech”, but I have to admit I find WP frustrating to use at times, it’s not intuitive to use when you want to do more advanced stuff. I’m sure your guide will be a big help to a lot of people!! 🙌🏻

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