Daisy Duke – 251/365

Today we went to Hollys parents house, to celebrate her fathers birthday. We had a nice “alfresco” meal, and then chatted for the afternoon.

Midway through, I asked Izzy to take me for a walk around the farm, something she often does with her granddad. I didn’t know the way, so I asked her to lead.


First off, she took me to a big barn, with a stack of straw bales in one corner, and a large trailer in the other. She asked me to help her climb some pallets, to get onto the trailer. I told her I thought it was a little dangerous, and maybe she shouldn’t go up there. She looked at me puzzled and said “I always go up there”, and who am I to argue!

I lifted her onto the trailer, and she told me to sit over in the corner on some of the hay bales. She told me she was going to do The Greatest Showman, which is her current favourite song.


She danced and danced, up and down the trailer, doing all sorts of moves she’s obviously seen on the video for the song. She also sang most of it, to.


Once the show was done, Izzy wanted to play hide and seek. A game that would no doubt be one sided, given she knows the farm like the back of her hand, and I dont! Anyway, I counted, and she ran off………..


Despite her advantage, I found her first hiding place pretty quickly.


We had a great game, there are obviosuly a load of hiding places on a farm, it was great fun!


Learnings – I stuck to my 50mm today, again becasue its great for these fun times, with its fixed focal length, and wide aperture. Its just fun to use too, so it fits the fun vibes! Today was of course mostly about Izzy having fun, but at the same time using a fixed focal length does help to push you on composition, and finding interesting angles, and I think I captured a few.

Happy times! x

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