Night Ninja – 252/365

This was 100% Izzys idea! As she finsihed her dinner, she was explaining to me what I should do for a photograph today. Unfortunately though, I couldn’t work out what she was getting at, not at first anyway. Something about woods, and the night, something about, vampires!

Anyway, eventually she managed to explain to me she wanted to go and play with the torch in the woods, and to pretend to be a vampire, just like she did for the post “Angels & Demons“, which was way back on day 21!

Anyway, it clicked then, as this morning she asked to see those photographs we took for Angels & Demons, and when looking at them she said “I want to do that again daddy, but I dont want to be the angel I want to be the vampire again”. Which, is just so Izzy!

I had said it was too light, but she wanted to wait a bit until it got dark enough, she is such a determined little thing.


So, I gave in, and I got her little vampire outfit out, grabbed my fishing light out of the garage and we set off for the woods across the road.

We got the two images you see above, and all was going great, until Izzy bonked herself on the head with the light! That didn’t go down too well, and it was time to pack up. Still, she wasn’t hurt and she posed close up for a quick “vampire shot”, and she took a couple of pictures of me (I set the timer and told her to press the tripod on one of the screws).


Learnings – well, another chance to take some photographs at night, and another chance to be 100% led by Izzy. Funny thing is, the adventures she leads always end up being great fun! I would happily follow her to the end of the earth. Are they the best photographs technically? Nope. Are the photographs a memory Izzy and I will treasure for ever? Absolutely yes! xx

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