Angels and Demons – 21/365

It’s a good job my daughters are always up for an adventure! Arriving home from work tonight at about 6:30pm, I asked Livvy and Izzy if they wanted to be fairy’s for the night. Of course they immediately jumped up from playing on the lounge floor and started emptying their dress up clothes all over their bedroom floors.

Livvy chose a fairy outfit, and Izzy a vampire one……. they are such different characters!

With dinner almost ready, and Holly looking at me with that “you’ve actually lost it” look, we got our coats on and headed out into the inky black night on our little adventure. We weren’t going far, just to the edge of the front garden for ten minutes, then back home for dinner, but all the same the girls were super excited.

The plan was simple, recreate finding some mythical creatures, and I think thanks to my awesome assistants amazing imaginations, and a dash of editing, we did just that!

The girls had a torch each, and had loads of fun swinging them round and making pretty patterns in the inky darkness.

Learnings – kids are amazing, but I kind of new that anyway! Love them millions xx

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