Education Road – 253/365

Today I was late home from work, again. Not unusual for me, there are often things that just need doing. I had been doing really well for a big chunk of the year, managing to finish up for the day around 5:30pm, most days, but thats slipped a lot further of late.

Anyway, with the nights drawing in, and me being late, photographic opportunites have been limited to something involving the night, and on my route home. I passed a few spots I’ve logged in my mind as possible places for a photo tonight, but even stopping at two of them, the light just wasn’t quite right.

I stopped at a field I’d noticed bales of hay in too, that would be a cool autumnal photograph I thought, but I’d missed it, all the bales have been taken away!

I even stopped at the wind turbines in the field, that I photographed way back at the start of this challenge a few times, but they just looked like wind turbines in a field to me today. How crazy is that, how my perspective has changed so much!

Eventually, I thought I’d have a look at a bridge I pass under all the time, its a bridge that enables the youngsters that go to the high school on one side, and the primary school on the other, to cross the road safely.


Its quite a tall iron bridge, and it has views of the surrounding area all the way from Helsby hill on one side (above) and over to Frodsham hill on the other side. Having pased it many times, I have often wondered if there might be a chance of a photograph from the top. So today, I went to have a look.

Being honest, it wasn’t as spectacular as I’d hoped. The sky was nice and moody, but the view over to both the hills wasn’t what I was hoping for. That said, I do think that sunrise might hold some nice views of the hills, so I might have another look one day. Also, a straight on shot at night with a really long shutter speed might get a nice long and staright light streak from the cars head lights.


Learnings – I think today I learnt that locations are improtant, and of course you need something interesting in the view, but what is most improtant is interesting light. Light, and for me, shadow, is pretty much everything in my photography. No matter the subject, for me if the light and the shadows are interesting, and I can capture a moment (some call it the story) then for me, thats everything in my photography.

The more I think about it, the more I think a night shot from that bridge would be pretty cool………….

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