Worlds Collide – 254/365

Today, I really wanted to catch the setting sun. The past couple of days I’ve missed most of the day light, and to be fair, the skys mood has masked the suns rays anyway.

Today, the evening sun was on form, and not only that, the sky was carrying a classic mood, too. I was tempted to just photograph the sky itself, it looked that cool!


Anyway, I trucked on home, picking up a treat for all three girls on the way; sweets for Livvy and Izzy, and a big bar of dairy milk for Holly! All the way the sky looked amazing, with constant shafts of sun light beaming through the clouds, coming and going. There and then I vowed to myself I WAS going to capture the skys mood today.

I stopped a couple of times on the way, but the view wasn’t quite right, either no composition to speak of, or the light changed, or power lines got in the way.

However, undeterred, I arrived home and thought of the nearest, highest spot I could think of. I don’t know what its called, but its a spot that overlooks the Mersey estuary, and some heavy industry on its banks.

Izzy was in a funny mood when I got home, so I offloaded my work gear, and asked her if she wanted to come and see some horses with me, to cheer her up. Don’t worry, it will all make sense I promise – she agreed and off we went with no time to spare, tea was just 30mins away from being ready!


Now, beasue I don’t know the name of this location, its just somewhere I’ve found on my blind wandering travels hunting photographs, I always struggle to find it again! Twice I went the wrong way, and twice Izzy looked at me and said, “daddy, we’re lost, I know we are”. She wasn’t worried though, she loves the adventure. Truth be told, I was the one worrying, that we’d miss the light, and then we’d also miss tea!


I guess, by this point its pretty obvous we didn’t miss the light, and I was really pleased to capture the images I did. I think the light is amazing in the sky, and the river catches it beautifully, plus the industry adds some unusual interest to the whole scene.

In todays main photograph, I really liked the contrast between the track and cottage, and the super heavy industry, separated by a sinlge bush, and framed by that super moody sky, which has the negativce space top left that balances the cottage – I do really like it, and I am really pleased with it.


I know what your thinking, what was the talk of horses all about, that I mentioned to Izzy……… well, I wouldn’t let me little angel down, now would I!! I knew the spot we were going to had fields with horses in.


Izzy was really brave with the horses, and after she saw me hold my hand out so they could smell me, and know we were friendly, she wanted to do the same.

I asked her to hold her hand out flat, and just confidently hold it out so they could come over and smell her. I held her just incase I needed to pull her away quickly, but there was no need to worry, the horses were friendly too, and when they sniffed Izzys hand, she let out the biggest smile!


Learnings – I really yearned to capture a landscape photograph today, and if I could, I wanted that brilliant sun shine in it too. I am so pleased it came together, and that I experienced it with my little partner in crime. Just a really simple, no fuss micro adventure that lasted all of 45 minutes; but gave us a memory that will last forever.

In that time, me and Izzy got lost twice, saw an amazing view across the river Mersey plain, saw some horses and, we even saw a bird of prey harrassing some other smaller birds – It just wasn’t quite in range to get a photograph of it, but to be fair that would have just been greedy, we’d already had a blast with what we’d seen.

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