Race Track – 266/365

What you going to do? When the nights draw in and the light fades fast, I guess you should crank the ISO up, and set the aperture wide open. So tonight I did the opposite, to had a go at some more long exposures.

I’ll put the settings against the photographs today, for those that are iterested.

f/11 – 27mm – 25sec – ISO100

The composition was pretty simple, just a junction with a scattering of lights, the bulk of the road going from the bottom left corner to the top right, giving that diagonal line. Its got an urban feel to it, and I love the light bouncing off the road in the foreground.

I was keen to see what the cars lights would look like, when they filled the scene. Its pretty windy tonight, which isn’t ideal for a long exposure, but I gave it a go anyway and tried a few different settings.

f/11 – 27mm – 30sec – ISO100

Funnily enough, I asked Livvy for some inspiration tonight for my photograph, and she reeled a couple of ideas off; one of them being to photograph the cars on the road nearby. I told her thats an amazing idea, and that I’d had the same thought. With that she smiled, and skipped off to bed.

f/14 – 27mm – 30sec – ISO100

Its amazing actually, how long 30 seconds is when your stood behind your camera knowing the shutter is wide open. I don’t know if its just me, but I always feel strangely vulnerable when the shutters open!

f/16 – 27mm – 30sec – ISO100

Learnings – an interesting little photographic adventure today, certainly different to the other images I’ve taken over the past week or so. Normally, its a case of capturing a frame, a split second of time. Long exposures are different though, you cant control what you capture during that 30 seconds of “vulnerability”, you set the stage but the rest is upto chance, or at best, a best guess of how things will unfold! I might try some shots like this in a really built up area one night, that might be pretty cool……

When I got back after taking my photographs, Livvy was in bed but still awake, so I showed her the photohraphs on the camera screen. She thought they were amazing, and couldn’t believe it was a location she knows well, as it’s on her way to school. She said “it looks like a race track daddy”, and with that she’d named today’s photograph.

2 thoughts on “Race Track – 266/365

    1. Hello! I’ve just seen you post, it is incredible!! I felt the emotions again, from the first time I visited the theatre as a child. Magical memories, and I did too wonder just as much at the people behind the scenes, as those front of house 🙌🏻


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