Sky Wave – 267/365

There were some amazing cloud formations in the sky this evening, and the dipping sun light was washing the tops of them beautifully!

Clouds are interesting to photograph, ever changing and at times, full of detail. As I drove home, getting closer and closer to the clouds, I hoped to find a spot I could photograph them from, before I got too close, or worse still passed them or they dispersed.


I ended up stopping at a spot I’ve taken photographs from before, and you can see Helsby Hill off to the right of the scene, the subject I’ve used here in the past. This time though, I looked at the view differently, and as you’ll see in todays main photograph, the hill doesn’t feature at all.

I used the fence as a leading line, and included one of the wind turbines and a telephone pole with a couple of birds sat on it for some context. It was an interesting composition, though it felt a litte strange at first excluding the monumental hill off to my right!


I like this crop too, tighter in and more intimate, though it doesnt quite show off the “sky wave” the same.

I actually had a desire to try and capture some detailed landscape images today, but in the end I focused on captuing some detailed “skyscape” images instead. I’m not one to pass up an opportunity when its presented to me!

Learnings – I only took a few shots today, about a dozen, and all of those were three exposure bracketed shots. So actually, once I’d merged the images I’d got just four seperate photographs.

I had a little experiment with some of them too, and with the first two sets of bracketed images I combined all six, to see what effect I could get. To be honest, it was no more detailed, and the dynamic range wasn’t notably fuller. In actual fact it ended up being the only image thats not in this post, becase it didnt really offer anything over my more usual combined three shot images. It actually became too unweildy, and I think for my photography three merged images gives me all the dynamic range I need.

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