Water Babies – 276/365

I was really struggling for something to photograph tonight, and was in the middle of setting up Izzy’s dinosoar race track to photograph it, when Holly called me through to have a look at Izzy in her goggles, in the bath!

She suggested I take a photograph of the girls in the bath, so I asked them both to peer over the edge, and smile. Above you can see the result!


They are both super cute in the bath, they love it! They’re both real water babies, and are good swimmers now. Livvy is really strong, and can do almost a full width underwater, which is pretty good at 8years old. Izzy is something else, she has always had a love of the swimming baths, and she can hold her breath and kick about for ages and ages. She dives in, and can do length after length, with her floaty of course. They’re both full of confidence in the water, which is brilliant.


It does however mean that they try and swim in the bath, like they do in the swimming pool, which doesn’t work out so well and the bathroom ends up soaked. Still, they love it, that’s all that really matters.


I asked Livvy to stay with her chin on the edge of the bath for a bit, with her hair mid wash, becasue she looked lovely. She took it a bit litterally and just plonked her head there and looked at me blank; but it made for an interesting photograph all the same.

Meanwhile, Izzy carried on being Izzy……


Learnings – bath time is good fun! 🙂 xx

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