Lanturn – 277/365

We’ve got a few solar powered lights in our garden, mostly up the top where the seating area is. To photograph these, you have a really short window of opportunity, to catch them at their best.

You’ve heard of golden hour, at sunrise and sunset, that isn’t actually an hour its half an hour at best, well these solar lights have an even shorter time frame!


Plus, on overcast and dreary days like today, where they haven’t received a lot of sun light, that window of opportunity is even shorter! So, when I caught sight of this one through the window, glowing its little beans off, I grabbed my camera fitted my 50mm lens and rushed outside to grab a shot.


Nothing too complicated, infact the hardest part was squeezing myself and my tripod in between the lantern and a bush nearby, to get the holly bush in as a background. Thats the thing with a prime lens, you have to position yourself, rather than adjust the focal length.

Nestled in the bush, I set up an exposure bracketed shot, slightly under exposed, and with the lowest ISO possible, even though it was dark.

Settings I used were: f/1.8 – 50mm – 1/8th sec shutter – ISO100, exposure bracketed to three stops up and down.

Todays main photograph is the exposure bracketed shot (the other two are single shots). I focused about two thirds of the way up the forward most vertical corner of the lantern, so as to get the top sharp, and the two glass pannels in focus enough, but still with a soft edge to them.

I was keen to get the holly in as the background, even though it meant burying myself in the bush nearby. I wanted something to “hold” the background.

Learnings – just a simple little photograph today, which is nice. Sometimes its drama in itself, trying to capture dramatic landscapes or sky scenes, and it was refreshing to just take a very basic and straight froward “no fuss” image tonight.

Hope you have a great weekend!

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