Phase One – 280/365

Tonight, I ventured down a track I’ve never been down before, to see if it would lead to a bridge that crosses the motorway not far from where I work.

You see, it looks like a great vantage point to catch the setting sun over Moel Famau, the highest hill in the Clwydian Range, and often when I drive past and look in my wing mirrors it looks amazing!


Sure enough, after a few twists and turns, the bridge over the motorway came into view, and it had just the view I hoped it would!

I have to admit, although I like the photograph above, I feel I could do a better job on the exposure, but today was a scouting mission really, and on that front mission accomplished. Its exposure bracketed, but I didn’t set my light metering correctly, which has meant some lost detail in the sky.

Still, the haze across what is a huge industrial estate, looks really cool! It reminds me of something out of “Stranger Things”.


Its a nice little scene, and the next time the sun is ripping across this landscape, as I drive home from work (which at this time of year it often is) I will take an image of it, and I am really excited to see the results.

You cant really see in the shot above, but where the sun is setting is the top of Moel Famau, can you imagine how cool this will look with the sun dippng behind it in the distance. Don’t get me wrong, I like the images I’ve captured today, but I know there is a lot more to come from this view.

I cant wait!!

Learnings – location locked and loaded…………..

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