Filtered – 281/365

Thank you mum! For my birthday, my mum gave me some money, and she made me promise to spend it on myself. A few days ago, I did just that, and ordered some filters from Gobe.


I dont really know the first thing about product photography, but I thought I’d make todays photograph about the latest addition to my photography kit, two new filters.


They make for pretty cool subjects to be fair, because the packaging is amazing! The lenses themselves are in black tins, with perfectly formed padding inside to hold the filter secure.

The boxes are recycled card, with a little card inside to register and plant more trees, along with a cleaning cloth, again in a little recycled card wallet.


If your thinking there is a theme here with trees, and recycling, you’d be absolutely right, and in buying these lenses I actually helped to plant 21 trees, which is wonderful!


Here is a little excerpt from the Gobe website:

Gobe was founded on the principles of environmental sustainability while continually striving to have a direct and positive impact on the environmental crisis we undoubtedly face. Using minimal recyclable packaging and with funds from every product sold forwarded to the planting of 5 trees in areas of severe deforestation, the core of Gobe’s story is one of passion and concern, artistry and inspiration, creativity and custodianship


I cannot wait to use these filters, I have no doubt at all that every time I use them I’ll have a big smile on my face, becase they are a gift from my mum, because I’ll be taking photographs, because I’ll be creating something, and I will at least in some small way have helped to preserve the natural world.


I havent used the filters yet, so I cannot comment on how the filters perform yet, but for the pure ethos behind the company, I heartily recommend visitng their web site if your into photography. GOBE website

By the way, I got a polarising filter for cutting glare on water and making the sky pop more in my landscapes, and a neautral density 8 stop filter, which will cut light transmittance to the sensor down to 0.391%; for long exposure images.

You will no doubt be seeing the results very soon!!

4 thoughts on “Filtered – 281/365

      1. I bet you are !… I’m gonna watch your artwork, dear Gav Astley, and i’m gonna read all your future posts.

        And, of course, i’m going to follow your instructions and to test myself -a bit-
        through your wonderful tips. Thanks again, for sharing your experiences.

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      2. Thank you so much, I’m so pleased you enjoy following my journey! 🤗

        Oh that’s great to hear, I can’t wait to see what you create!!! 😄📸🙏🏻

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