This Is Not A Test – 282/365

When is a test not a test? Well, when its totally unscientific, and you actually produce an outcome, like a photograph, maybe?

To explain a bit further, time was super short tonight, and so just as I left work and spotted the sun disappearing into the corner of the world, I screwed on my new polarising filter and took a few shots of the sky, to see (test) what would happen.


Not very scientific at all, I didn’t even set a control. It would have been sensible to have set the tripod up and take exaclty the same exposure with the filter on, and with the filter off. However, me being me it takes me ages to prepare the new filter, cleaning it, and gently screwing it into position.

So much time in-fact, that all I had time for on the actual shot was to prop myself up on the roof of my car, and cpature a few images.


Amazingly though, my thoroughly unscientific test actaully did yeild some useful results when looking back at the photographs just now. The sky had more depth to it, and colour; I was expecting that though hence the choice of subject.

However, what really stands out to me is the clarity of the reflection on the roof of my car! I had intended to crop the car out, but the sunset and the tree reflected so beautifully, I kept some of it in the frames.


So this really wasn’t a test, was it, it was a fortunate encounter, a realisation of something new and unexpected. I knew the polariser would cut out glare, but I didn’t know it would turn the roof of an old BMW into a polished mirror!!


Learnings – today in a super quick “snap shot”, I have learnt of a whole new world of possibilities…….

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