Light Leaf – 283/365

Today was a photographic sprint type challenge, with just ten minutes to capture an image, and the light fading fast cutting options down, the game was well and trully on!

I took my work shoes off, changed them for my weaves (great out door shoes), put my 50mm lens on my camera and disappeared out of the front door with nothing else in my possession.


With the leaves really starting to turn and fall now, I wanted to capture something that involved an autumnal leaf. I started off photographing a few on the ground, but they were just leaves on the ground, with no real story to tell.


The further I ventured into the woods, the more the light levels dropped, and I was into the realms of having way too low of a shutter speed, even at ISO800. 3.5minutes had passed, and so I needed to start heading back…….


I photographed a few more grounded leaves on the way back, and as pleasing as they are, the depth of the images only really extends to their aesthetics. The one above was my favourite of them all, thanks to the shape of the leaf, the lines the grass were forming and the hint of dew. The colour contrast of the muted greens and bright yellow/orange was cool too.

However, it just wasn’t quite enough.

7 minutes have now passed and I’m not far from home. Right outside our front garden is a big Silver Birch, and by now its leaves are very few and far between.

One thing I remembered from the early days in this challenge, around February time when light levels were low, was to find as much natural light as possible, or some artificial light.

This thought flashed through my mind just as I passed the Silver Birch, and a leaf at the tip of a branch very briefly eclipsed the light from the street lamp.


That brief combination of thoughts, driven by timed pressure, and a glimpse of a mini eclipse gave me all I needed, and I took the images you see here.

For me the blurred out street lamp could be a candle, or anything else your imagination desires, and the leaf just shielding it from glaring you, is like a little natural hand helping you see. I love the way the glow creeps up the thin stems of the tree too.

Learnings – pressure can be a good thing, crazy deadlines can squeeze out unusual outcomes. Also, draw on experiance, lessons learnt can serve you well!

Maybe you disagree, maybe you prefer the leaf image on the floor, but that is absolutely fine; something, anything becomes beautiful the moment someone thinks it is.

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