Bones – 288/365

This afternoon Livvy had her school Halloween Disco, and it was my job to pick her up at 6pm when it finished. I got there a little early, so I had a quick look around the fields at the back of the school to see if I could find a photograph.

I couldn’t, so I collected and excited Livvy, all dressed up in her spooky bones costume, and we headed home.


As we arrived home, I said to Livvy it might be cool to take a photograph of her, in her outfit, she agreed and ran over to a fence covered in ivy. Pointing at the fence with the ivy creeping up it she told me “this would be a good background daddy”, and she was absolutely right!


I didn’t ask her to pose at all, she just did her own thing and got into a spooky character, and I have to say she played it really well!!

The light was low, so I set my apeture to f/1.8 on my 50mm, and the ISO to 400, I knew getting a shot from this range wouldn’t close the depth of feild too much, and Livvy would be fully in focus, along with the ivy.


She applied some extra lip stick, and she even smudged it a little to give herself that spooky, slightly messy look, shes an absolute natural at playing any role she wants to, she is amazing!


Heading back in, the last of the sun light just caught her beautifully, and though the background wasn’t as good as the one Livvy chose, and it certainly wasn’t as spooky looking, I couldnt resist another photograph.


Finally inside the house, I asked Livvy for one last photograph infront of some lights in the porch, to give a different background. Again, I didn’t ask her for any pose in particular, I just let her do her thing, and I think this one really does capture a spooky vibe.


Cropping the photo in tighter, added to that sense of drama even further.


If your thinking this all looks too spooky and serious, don’t worry, we had plenty of giggles taking these photographs too, I think Livvy is just so good at geting into charicter its unreal!

Learnings – again, I didn’t force an image when the conditions weren’t right for it; and thankfully my spooky little Livvy came to my rescue, looking awesome in the low light of the evening in her spooky bones costume.

She is such a legend! xx

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