Wonky Thatch – 289/365

The pavement slopes down towards the road, and the road slopes down towards the pavement, the white house leans back, and the thatched house leans forwards. Its Frodsham, and it is full of character!


I stopped off in the town centre on my way home today to collect a parcel, and whist I was there the clouds looked nice above a thatched roof building, so I took some photographs. The chap you can see in the photograph above walking towards me actually commented “the sunset looks nice for a photograph this evening”, I agreed and told him I was trying to get the thatched roof into the shot too, he smiled back at me and said “yeah, nice, I like it”.


The hardest thing about the photograph today, was actually straightening it afterwards! To straighten it fully, as it is in the real world, looked crazy. The house looks like it would fall over, but hey thats how it is, the house with the thatched roof actually bulges out, its incredible!

The image below is as close to reality as I dared to push it…..


It was a really weird thing to try and get right, or rather to get to look right should I say.

I’ll take some more photographs of Frodsham over the coming months, I’ve wanted to for some time now, but I’m trying to hold off until winter, when it really comes to life. Its got a classic, cosy winter vibe to it when the weather is just right.

Learnings – perspective is a peculiar thing, and sometimes reality is stranger than fiction!

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