Diamond Glow – 291/365

One thing thats repeated throughout this years challenge has been that you have to find the light, and as I walked through the front door this evening and stepped out of the dark gloom of the night, and into the warm light of the house, this little diamond shaped glass thingy caught my eye.

They’re really unassuming little lights, but honestly they’re a really nice way to come home, to open the door and see them twinkling. They’re always followed up by two excited young girlies running about the place too, which is super nice!

Anyway, not too much to say today, just a clean shot with my 18-55mm kit lens and the camera on its tripod. 50mm focal length, f/5.6 to get a shallow depth of field but keep the diamond in full focus, 1/5th of a second shutter and ISO100 to keep noise in check – and we’re done.

Hope you have a great weekend, it’s forecast heavy rain here tomorrow, so I think I’ll head out in it at some point to try and get that autumnal puddle shot!

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