Forest of Change – 292/365

This afternoon Livvy, Izzy and I went for a walk, we were on a mission too! The mission, to find some puddles and jump in them!

With both girls kitted out in some warm clothes and their wellies, we set off…………

The rain had been heavy, and with the leaves really turning now I was hopefull of some nice autumnal photographs on our little adventure.


I wasn’t to be disappointed, and golden brown leaves peppered the woods, making a really nice contrast against the trees that are still clinging onto their greenery.

At first we found plenty of mud, but as we went through the woods and into the feild at the back, we found some puddles!


The girls loved it, and I got some nice photographs of them playing in the puddles, and some neat reflections too.


After the initial puddle jumping, we walked around the edge of the field towards the playground, to see if it was dry enough for the girls to have a play.

On the way, some more images jumped out at me. The sky was nice and moody, if a little flat, and the colours in the trees was really nice.


Although I like the image of the tree above; its glorious proud shape, lording over all the others, I was a little disappointed becase I took a shot of it with the sun behind it, to get an image of it back lit. It didn’t quite turn out how I wanted though, I pulled just a touch too much through in the highlights. However, I will definately go back and capture that image, its a good one!


Whilst photographing the far side trees, with the bridge and telegraph pole for a little extra interest, a hole appeared in the couds, making for an interesting scene. Its amazing what you can see just walking the edge of a field!


The swings and slides and climbing frames were dry enough for the girls to have a play on the park, and we played there for a little while.

On the way back, it was more jumping in puddles! I didn’t see any puddles full of leaves, for that autumnal shot I’m after, but it didn’t matter, the girls are clearly miles better than leaves!


On the way back through the woods, the light was really nice, beaming in through the leaves, and creating that wonderful dappled light effect. I often find it difficult to capture these scenes in a way I’m happy with, woodland is often just too busy for my liking in a wide shot. However, by picking out a narrower composition, I got some images I’m really pleased with, like todays main shot, and the one below.


As the girls ran off ahead of me, down a slope through the leaves, they gave me another really great image to have a go at capturing, as the pair of them ran through the trees. Just bursts of colour all over the place, and two little girls running through it all laughing as they went.


Learnings – I’m not really sure why I chose todays main photograph as “the one”, it just seemed to be the one that summed up the afternoon the best. I have to admit, it took me ages to decide which shot to use, mainly becasue the shot I did choose didn’t have the girls in it.

Again though, its the one thats the least “fussy” for a woodland scene, with it being quite narrow in its composition, its essentially a diagonal shaft of light. I really like the last three images too, they’re super autumnal, and the girls really make any image for me.

I love all the photographs today, mainly becasue the girls had such great fun while we were out, and I know I’ve said it before but I am convinced the mood you are in comes through in the images you capture. If your having fun, the images you capture always seem to hit that higher note.

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