Pumpkin Head – 300/365

Well, what can I say? Tonight I took a photograph of a pumpkin!

Well there is a little more to it than that. This afternoon ahead of family coming over to celebrate Livvys birthday, we set about making our pumpkin head.


Once we’d cleaned the pumpkin out, I asked Livvy to draw the eyes and the nose on with a pen, and Izzy to draw on the mouth. Both girls did a great job, and I then cut around their drawings as accurately as I could.

They were really proud of their creation, and who wouldn’t be! We set it on the side and I put a tea light inside.


This evening, once darkness had fallen I was just heading off outside when Holly said “why don’t you take a photograph of the pumpkin?”. “Why not indeed”, I thought. So I got my gear sorted and took the pumpkin off into the conservatory where it was almost pitch black, so I could control the lighting.

I wanted to capture the pumpkin with total blackness around it you see, to give a spooky feel to it. I also took some shots with the candle lit inside, so the face features glowed bright like they were on fire!

Learnings – a simple little photograph today, and aside from the obviously low light conditions, not too much to think about and altogether a neat bit of fun. I think the girls pumpkin is super cool, too 🎃

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