Meteor Strike – 301/365

Can you believe that sky!! I had no time at all to take this photograph; ideally, I would have liked to have traveled up to higher ground and set my tripod up, fine tuned the exposure and captured every scrap of detail I possibly could.

However, time wasn’t on my side, and as such all I could do was pause for a few seconds as I walked across the car park when I left work, to capture the image with my iPhone.

Still, you have to admit I didn’t really need to do much, other than capture that awesome shape of the cloud formation. It was really strange, there wasn’t a breath of wind, so I have no idea what caused this cloud formation, but I am pleased to have witnessed it!

The mood this morning was equally as dazzling, with think cloud and fog sat all over Frodsham as I drove through. The view from Frodsham hill or Helsby hill, must have been jaw dropping.

It’s a sign of the times, because today the first frost hit. Only light frost, but a frost none the less, and my car was frozen too this morning.

I have to admit, I am getting a little excited at what scenes the weather will produce over the coming weeks…….

Learnings – I love my camera, and I use it at every opportunity I possibly can, but today even if I had the time the light dropped completely a few minutes after I took this shot, so in all likely hood I’d have missed the moment.

Sometimes, you have to put technical achievement second to capturing that moment!

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