The Gateway – 302/365

I don’t really know how to follow up a meteor strike photographically!!

Anyway, time isn’t my friend at the moment, and despite travelling through and past some awesome misty landscapes early this morning, I didn’t have a lot of opportunity to take photographs today.

Still, I was travelling with work colleague, and friend Sue Ash today, and she’s into photography too. So we looked at some of the brilliant views along the way, and chatted for a good while about photography. It’s good to talk with work colleagues about stuff other than work, we are all human beings after all, and we do actually have lives outside of the daily grind!

Day done, I got home at about 8:30pm this evening, and after having something to eat time was really ticking on, and inspiration was lacking. I considered taking some images of the stars, however it’s not something I’ve attempted a lot in the past, I’ve only really taken a few photographs of the moon and that’s about it. I do know however that light pollution would be my enemy, so I’d be better waiting to climb a hill somewhere in the middle of no-where to take some star images.

One thing that did strike me was the shadows the garden gate was casting when I came home, and so that was today’s inspiration, and today’s photograph!

Necessity, is the mother of all invention.

Learnings – today’s photograph was another on the iPhone, for speed more than anything. However, I’m missing my camera, and with a few days off work coming up I’ve got a few opportunities planned in that my camera will definitely feature in……….

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