Lydia – 303/365

Today I went to visit a good friend of mine, Laura, to take some photographs for her daughter Lydia. Lydia is a superb singer, and she’s gathering a lot of momentum as more and more people learn about her talent – trust me, this girl is going places!!


I’m not a professional photographer, but I am always more than willing to help friends out, so when Laura asked me to help with some photographs, there was no hesitation in me getting involved.


Not only was it a great opportunity to take some cool photographs, but I’d also get to hear Lydia sing live, get to see the wicked 1619 Studios where she records, but also to catch up with Laura a bit too, who I haven’t seen for ages.


The studio is really cool, check it out on Facebook here, it’s called 1619 Studios, because it’s housed in part of a farm building, that dates back to 1619, and in itself is just a stunning building. However, the studio being rammed full of guitars, drums and a massive mixing desk is somewhere you could get lost for hours in.

What was really nice, was that all four of us; me, Lydia, Laura and Callum the studio producer, are all really creative, so ideas for photographs came thick and fast. The mood was chilled and fun, the vibe was super cool, and I think that came through in the photographs.


What’s more, my little side kick Izzy was there too, and she loved watching all the things we were photographing, listening to Lydia sing and she even had a drum lesson from Cal.

Just all round a really mega morning, I really enjoyed it.

I took about 1,000 photographs, some I’ll share on my Instagram, but also if you want to see more of them and hear Lydia sing, check out her Facebook page and the 1619 Studios Facebook page, linked below.

Lydia –

1619 Studios –

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