Time Slice – 305/365

It dawned on me today, that I might not actually be capturing images………

You see, today’s photograph took me down into the woods, where I often go looking for inspiration, and once there I came across a log covered in fungi that I’ve photographed before, for my post “hand in hand”.

Last time I photographed this log it was day-light, and the fungi back then was only just starting to grow. This time, the fungi has really taken hold, and the forest floor is littered with fallen leaves. It’s the same scene but time has totally evolved it.

This led me to wonder, am I capturing images in my photographs, or am I actually capturing a slice of time? I guess the answer might be both!

Anyway, we’re at a Halloween disco tonight for the kids, so I best put the blog down for the moment and get involved with spooky season!

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