Move Along, Nothing to See – 306/365

Tonight we went to see the fireworks at Blakemere Village, which is about 15mins away from us. We went last year too, but my main memory of that trip was agony, as I was suffering with an abscess under my wisdom tooth at the time. That type of thing is great for sapping the fun out of stuff!


Anyway, no such trouble this time, and it was also fairly mild for the time of year, and dry.

First up we went for a walk through the woods, to have a look at the laser show. Pretty cool and I got some wicked photographs. I’m running out of time tonight though and so I’ve only focused on the one subject here for now. The bobby on the beat stood atop one of the fair ground rides.


While we cued up for our hot dogs, candy floss, doughnuts and drinks, I spotted the bobby back lit by the fire works, and side lit by a massive flood light. Positioning my self just right, placed the flood light directly behind him, which I thought looked pretty interesting.


It was a really nice evening, and the girls absolutely loved it! They had a go on all the rides, and unusually for them they didn’t get scared by the loud bangs of the fire works.

If your interested in going, have a look at the link here – Blakemere Village Fire Works.


Learnings – it’s always interesting photographing stuff in low light, and especially so when there are flashes of bright light in amongst the darkness. It gives rise to my kind of image to be honest, I really like it when things emerge from the shadows and catch the light.

The main thing I did was use my 50mm at f/1.8 the whole time, and set light metering to spot metering, so I could set the exposure on the points of light I wanted to, like the fireworks, lasers and lights.

2 thoughts on “Move Along, Nothing to See – 306/365

  1. Wonderful details, dear Gav. I really enjoy the way you describe your visit to Blakemere. And, of course, i enjoy the details on the pictures when i click on them and i visit Flickr. I can zoom them and see the details. You’ re an artist dear !

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