Leaf Ninja – 307/365

What you can’t see in this photograph, is Livvys sister disappearing into the distance right of the frame after being drop kicked……….


I’m joking of course, but both girls did have a lot of fun on the play ground today, not only on the swings and stuff, but also kicking the leaves about. That gave me and my 50mm a nice chance at some autumnal action shots!


It was really nice for photography today, warm for the season, no rain for a change, and a light level that was full but not harsh, just right I’d say.

I took today’s maim photograph at 50mm (obvs) 1/800sec – f/3.2 – ISO100. The higher F stop number helping me make sure Livvy was fully in focus, but still shallow enough to get a good selection between her, the leaves and the background. Of course 1/800sec shutter made sure I froze the leaves movement.


Learnings – I’m really enjoying the autumn vibe, especially on weekends where I can make use of the nice light it produces. There has been some awesome mist and haze about recently too, and I’ve logged some locations I’ll go back to soon hopefully to capture some more autumnal landscapes.

One thing I have learnt, is to really soak in autumn, this year has really taught me how beautiful this fleeting season is.

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