Rift – 311/365

Time was super tight tonight, and I hatched a very simple plan to fit with the time I had, and the conditions to work with.

It was raining hard, just as it had been all day today, and it was dark by the time I unziped my camera bag. So the simple plan was to go out and take a photograph of a puddle. I’ve learnt by now to work with the prevailing conditions, not against them, and also at night I’ve learnt to be led by the light, any light!

a longer exposure at 20 seconds

I hadn’t gone far into the night when I came across a large puddle on the pavement, and with the odd street light in the area, I walked around the scene and crouched down to see if I could catch a reflection of the street light in the puddle to illuminate it.

Eventually settling on my composition, I crouched down, tucked under my umbrella, set my camera on its tripod and promptly got accosted by a very inquisitive French Bulldog! I don’t think there was any danger at all, just a very surprised dog to see a human down at its level hiding under an umbrella on the street in the pouring rain at night. Its owners were equally surprised……..


Anyway, I don’t think its strange to take photographs of puddles in the night, and besides, what I had actually found wasn’t a puddle, it was a tiny rift in the space time continuum, so small it was contained in a puddle on our earth, briefly emmitting a brilliant orange glow; and I just got really lucky in capturing it before it disappeared forever.

Learnings – you dont have to go far to find the amazing, it just depends what you find amazing!

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