Lilly Light Wave – 312/365

Not my usual type of photograph tonight, but as I’ve said a few times in this journey, you have to find the light.

If you can’t find the light, you have to create some light, if you can’t create some light, ask for help – you need that light!


I created this image by photographing some flowers, in almost total darkness. Sounds contrary to finding the light I know, but I used a thin LED light that I “swished” around the flowers as the 30 second exposure took place, to illuminate the frame. That’s all it took to add the much needed light to this image.

Learnings – no matter how dark it is, find the light.

Have a great weekend everyone!

7 thoughts on “Lilly Light Wave – 312/365

  1. “Find The Light”. Wonderful !

    Ps : The interesting thing, Gav, is that -when you try different experiments and you see the results- you ‘re astonished from the outcome. Despite the fact that you, already, know, or suspect -somehow, and not always, of course- what is going to happen.

    I was working on the white color in the white color (it sounds a bit weird, probably). Transparencies on the “white”. Whatever white is. I mean i won’t write some further analysis on the white color. But, “philosophically” speaking, i was amazed from some things. One day i said to myself : “i’m almost sure, now, that the painters live in a madness.”. Another thing i said to myself is that : “Whatever we cannot see, it doesn’t mean it isn’t here, or there, or somewhere”. Then i asked a friend of mine who is a wonderful painter to tell me if she had any kind of “strange’ or “weird” experiences while working with the white color. She wrote to me a whole analysis, explaining the tricks that the painters use to expose the white color and etc. A wonderful and interesting analysis, indeed. But ‘no”, she said, nothing strange, or nothing so extreme to the extend of losing thyself.

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    1. Thank you so much! In both your stories there I see something, the desire to learn and create something new, or maybe not even new just to uncover something that’s hidden and beautiful! 😄

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