Stop, and GO – 315/365

I may get into trouble for this one! For some time now I’ve wanted to see if there is a composition at a really busy junction a couple of miles away from our house. Tonight, I went for a look.

I went out in a brief gap in the rain, and I hoped the shiny wet road and spray from the cars would add to the scene. I wanted to capture another long exposure, not to catch the cars themselves but just the streaking lights zooming past.

Today’s main shot I took at f/16 – 20sec – 18mm – ISO100, and I think it worked out pretty well. I did have to park down a nearby industrial route, walk back up the junction and climb a road side embankment to get the shot, but I got it!


I also captured this shot, which is an exposure bracketed image, combining three photographs, two up two down as per my normal, and f/5.6 – 0.6sec – 18mm – ISO100. Though technically it holds more detail, I don’t think it carry’s the same feeling.

Then, the heavens absolutely lashed down!! I wanted to try for a couple more long exposures, to make sure I had the shot I wanted “in the can”, but stupidly I hadn’t brought an umbrella, or even a coat. So with that I quickly packed my camera away to save it from getting soaked, and headed home.

I actually think there maybe a better composition of this scene, so I might try again another rainy and dreary night……

Learnings – I’m really kicking myself for not taking an umbrella tonight, because as the rain started lashing down, the street lights illuminated every drop and I am convinced a long exposure would have looked awesome with rain coming down vertically, and car head lights streaking horizontally. Next time it’s raining at night, I’ll give it a go; the way the weather has been recently I shouldn’t have to wait too long!!

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