56 Low Down – 316/365

Tonight the moon was nice and bright, when it wasn’t being obscured by the cloud cover. So I tried to capture an image of Izzy “holding” the moon. She was really excited about it, but it was cold and it wasn’t easy to direct her where to hold her hands.

“up a bit” she could get, but left and right was more tricky. I tried to use “more to my side”, but she took that to mean closer to me. So rather than stress her out and make her too cold, I took a shot of her holding the moon, just for her, so she could see that she actually held the moon. Although its not the shot I wanted, I can’t wait to show it to her in the morning!


So after the girls went to bed and I’d had my tea, I headed off out in search of more images in the night. Without thinking about it, I wandered naturally into the woods, in the inky black night, following the only light available, that of the moon.


I’d limited my options somewhat, by only taking my camera with my 50mm lens fitted to it, my tripod and my big coat, should I need to shelter myself and more importantly my camera underneath it. I did, on occasion have to tuck my camera under my coat, so it was a good decision!


I had my little strip light with me, and used it to illumiate a couple of small intimate scenes in the woods, the light and shadow working well I think with the shallow depth of field at f/1.8 on my 50mm lens.

But, I wanted more, and so I wandered onwards. I turned right down a track, where I normally go left, and so into uncharted territory. The route took me over some fences, and ultimately brought me to a halt as I came upon the M56 motorway.

At that point I tried to get an angle on the moon and the motorway, to capture a long exposure, however with only having my 50mm lens I couldn’t get a wide enough shot. Even laying down in the rain soaked undergrowth……

So I dropped trying to include the moon, and instead tried out some unusual perspectives of the motorway, below are the results.


I crouched down really low, and obscured myself with the posts on the guard rails, and a big bush, so that drivers couldn’t spot me and so they wouldn’t be startled. Fortunately I very seldome use the flash, and tonight was no different so that wasn’t an issue.

I have to admit, it did give me that childish “buzz” when your doing something you really probably shouldn’t be doing but nobody knows you are there, or what you are doing……


I really like these last two shots, becasue they include the light streaks from the cars that long exposures give you (30 seconds in this case) combined with the landscape at night aspects. The lines of the barrier, the bush on the left and of course that moon lit sky on a cloudy and rainy night

Learnings – Night photography is really intriguing me at the moment, and I’m really enjoying the challenges it brings, which is fortunate because its dark a lot of the time at the moment! Shape and form become so much more important at night, and its also much easier to simplify what might otherwise be an over busy scene.

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