Tangled – 317/365

Super quick one tonight, its been another long day, and a return journey that took me and my colleagues Sue and Daz through the Peak District National Park! Something we certainly weren’t expecting as an end to today on our travels.

Anyway, I wanted to take a photograph indoors tonight, to prevent me from being tempted into shooting another long exposure.

Indoors is no different to outdoors in a lot of respects, and as always key is finding the light. Tonight, the lights in our front room jumped out at me, they’re light of course, but also the twisted and random shapes are interesting.


Using my 50mm lens also added to the interest of this simplest of scenes, throwing the crazy shadows into soft focus at f/1.8.


Something so simple, but the highly unusual shapes threw up a lot of interest for me, and also posed a challenge for the composition. I looked all over the room for a good angle, for a good composition. Once I’d found them I underexposed the image slightly to pull some big shadow into the scene, and exclude everything else from the image.


Learnings – interest is everywhere, even in the most day to day of objects. That, and there are places called “Naughty Road”, “Moisty Lane” and “Thunderpit Lane” in this word, I know, because we drove through them tonight……….

9 thoughts on “Tangled – 317/365

      1. Wonderful, I’m so glad you get that extra little insight, and can view my photos exactly how you want to! Flickr has been a big help to me in this journey, thank you so much for introducing me to it! 🤗📸

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