Day of the Dandelions – 319/365

I’ve taken quite a few photographs of street lights, as you probably know, but looking out of the front window tonight having a think about what to capture an image of this evening, I couldn’t help but be drawn to the light nestled in the trees across the road.


I just really love the way it illuminates the tree branches around it, like it’s all emerging from the woods in the pitch black night.

However, I did want to try something different, so I used my long lens, my Tamron 70-300m. Yes, thats right, the one I really struggle with to get crisp sharp images, so at night I wondered if that might be even more of a challenge.

It was, but at f/11, and 70mm with ISO100 and a few different experiments with the shutter speed, I got some interesting images that captured the mood I was after. They’re not the sharpest, I wasn’t expecting them to be; but it doesnt matter, it was cool to use the longer focal length on a scene like this at night.

I also got some pretty unusual flare from the light, that looked to me like a giant dandelion sat across the street coming out of the woods!


Have a great weekend, let your imagination run away with you!

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