Home Fires – 320/365

It’s 70’s charity night tonight in the village hall near my mum, so of course I am not going to show you a photograph of us all in our fancy dress…….

Instead, I give you this nice wholesome image of my mums fire. Mums house always feels really “homely”, safe, welcoming and just a nice place to be.

I do have my camera with me, but for speed as time is pressing on I just used my iPhone. Fortunately I have Lightroom on my phone too, and I’ve matched my “base line” preset to my desktop application, so I can keep my images looking relatively consistent.

Anyway, hope you enjoy the weekend, I’m off to get my groove on baby! ✌🏻

3 thoughts on “Home Fires – 320/365

  1. Awesome ! Enjoy the weekend, Gav. You brought me some memories back with these pictures of yours. Some wonderful memories, when i was visiting my grandparents. We used to put a few slices of bread on the wood-stove to make them crispy, and then a bit of olive oil, and a bit of a sugar… lol !!!

    Orange, or lemon skin on the wood-stove for some aroma, also !!! I, also, remember the different types of such stoves. Thank you, Gav, and take care.

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    1. Wonderful memories my friend, glad to reignite them for you! 🤗🔥. Something really nice about a wood burner; the smell, the warm glowing heat, the stories we tell each other in front of them! ☺️

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