Sky Blanket – 321/365

This was the view I woke up to this morning, having woken at my mums after the charity night last night in the village hall.

It was a really good night, and judging by the fact they ran out of beer towards the end of the night, I’d say they raised a good amount of money too!

To be honest, it was an impulse shot, and although I carefully set my exposure and bracketed it, I think if I’d taken a little more time and thought about it a little longer, using my polarising filter would have enhanced the image. I wanted to capture the hills covered in the low clouds, but polarising would probably have helped cut through the mist in the midground of the scene.

I am a sucker though for those “folds” in the landscape, where two hills or mountains overlap, especially if there is mist of fog involved! I get lost in the moment sometimes….

Also, I wanted to share some of the parrot shots from yesterday with you, I wasn’t sure I would becasuse they’re not the type of shots I wanted and they’re not as sharp or clear as I want either; however as part of the journey in capturing an image of them I thought it would be interesting to see the starting point. I used my Tamron 70-300 f4-5.6 Di A17E, ISO on auto in case the birds took flight and the lighting changed, f/10 to try and keep the lens relatively sharp (I’ve found it works best at f/11 but I pushed it a stop further due to the low light conditions), 1/800 shutter to eliminate camera shake and freeze the birds movements and I used the lens at its maximum focal length of 300mm.

Learnings – I do regret not experimenting with my polarising filter this morning, but it didn’t enter my head at the time to be honest, I was just focused on capturing the scene before the fog/cloud/mist disappeared.

As for the parrot image I’m after, I think I can get the composition I want at the location I’ve found, but now it’s a matter of having the right light and my long lens being kind to me.


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