Over the Fence – 323/365

Today, I took a photograph in the morning, as promised! Whats more, Livvy woke me this morning by jumping all over me shouting, “the sky is pink daddy, come look, it would make an amazing photo for you!”. I can’t imagine a better way to wake up and start the day!

So the composition was simple, I just took a photograph of what Livvy saw, which was nice as it included some of the fence all frozen and still, with a nice and moody morning sky behind it. The houses look like they’re still “asleep”, which I kind of like.


I also took a few photographs closer in to the ivy on the fence, and the contrast between the frozen ivy and the burning warm sky behind it I thought evoked some neat emotions.

A simple day today, and thank you Livvy for your inspiration, and your investment in my 365 challenge, you are a wonderful little lady, and I love you millions! Xxxx


Learnings – kids are the very best alarm clocks.

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