Lost in the Lights – 324/365

I found it, a vantage point where I could see the bridge from above! Today I ventured out into the night, to clear my mind more than anything, its just been one of those days, you know how it goes.


Of course I took my camera with the hope that through a foggy head I might find some inspiration for todays phorograph, and I had a rough location in mind that I thought might, just might, give me a view of the Mersey Gateway at night from above. If you remember I tried once before in the recent post “Red Connection“, but I couldn’t find a location high enough, so shot the towers in their bright red glory from a lower vantage point. Tonight the towers were blue and green, interestingly.


Anyway, with a fuzzy head, I got lost, around streets I’ve driven down a thousand times. It wasn’t such a disaster though, as I just meandered upwards following whatever road took me higher.

Eventually, I came to a spot which looks out over the Mersey, a spot where Runcorn Castle is located; I don’t know why I hadn’t thought about it before, I have been there before, to take photographs.

Anyway, I’m pretty chuffed with the images I captured, however I ended up where I did. Whats more, I took the main image today using my long lens, my old Tamron 70-300, the one I can’t get on with! I wasn’t happy with how wide the shots were with my normal landscape lens, my 18-55mm, and so in the cold of the night and stinking of dog poop I’d troden in; I switched lenses with shivering hands to try, yet again, to get a shot with my nemesis. You know what, I really like the outcome, and that I made the decision to try and go for it. Todays shot was taken at f/13 – 81mm – 30 sec – ISO100.

The shot below which is a little too tight in, is even sharper, I feel, same settings but at 200mm focal length.


Learnings – maybe my long lens just isn’t good at really long range shots, but I guess thats OK, becasue no matter how lost in the lights you are, you can always find a cosy little shadow to occupy.

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